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Annette was born in North Yorkshire, England and grew up with the stunning Yorkshire Dales and Lake District surrounding her.


As a child she always enjoyed reading, often devouring a book in a matter of hours and quickly moving on to the next. She always loved to write and lessons at school which involved creative writing were her favourite.


When she was eighteen she moved away from the countryside to the City of Preston where she attended University and gained a BA Hons Degree in Public Relations and Management. Public Relations allowed Annette to continue to use and develop her writing skills to promote the work of her employers.


After 4 years in PR, Annette decided to move to the creative world of Marketing and Event Management which took her all around the world from the Middle East, South America and Europe.


After researching the Education system in Africa for a project at work, a seed of an idea for her first novel was planted and so she began her first novel, Escape to Africa.


Annette also developed her Children's picture book series, The Adventures of Shakespeare the Great Dane which was picked up and printed in Northern Life Family.  A free magazine distributed to schools in the North of England.

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