• Random Acts of Gravity Checks

    Ow, ow, ow! I stubbed my blasted toe again! Why am I so clumsy? I’m forever dropping, crashing into or falling over things. I swear someone puts objects in my way so I fall over them!

    I do find though that one random act of clumsiness is often followed by another. For example, the other night I managed to drop a glass out of the cupboard whilst trying to put another one in. In the process of cleaning it up I decided to get a torch and shine it on the work top and floor to make sure I didn’t miss a shard of glass that I would later cut myself on. However, as I put the torch on the worktop to clean up missed pieces, it fell off onto the floor and smashed as well! This was followed by me cursing in frustration and now having to clean up the glass and the torch. I was not impressed.

    But it’s not just me, I have a friend (who will remain nameless but will know who she is when she reads this) who is constantly slipping and tripping on our walks with the dogs, just this weekend she managed to fall in the biggest, muddiest puddle and ended up splattered in dirty water. Once I stopped laughing, a phase I read recently came to mind:

    “I often conduct random gravity checks.”

    Perhaps we’re not clumsy, maybe we are just testing to see if the earth’s pull is still working?

    After my test this morning, which saw me conduct the experiment with the aid of my Jack Russell who expertly stood just out of eye line by my feet, I can confirm it is!

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