• Random Acts of Propaganda

    I heard a news story this week about a family of aliens who went to the supermarket and made a remark about the colour of milk. Apparently the eggs took offence and told the yoghurts to go home.

    Unbelievable right? So I immediately shared this via my social network and, in turn, this was shared by thousands of others. It received hundreds of comments from people demanding that the aliens go home or accept milk for what it is. What gives them the right to say that about OUR milk?

    My task was complete, I successfully stirred up a pot of propaganda which played on people’s fear that their way of life had been threatened and they responded by fighting this change.

    But what if every one of those who commented and shared the post stopped and really thought about what the story was trying to do?

    Obviously it’s complete and utter nonsense, a total fairy tale with no foundation of truth. Yet examples of this kind of propaganda are shared and commented on every day. Sometimes it’s a customer in the supermarket making a comment about a pin or sometimes it is an air hostess on a plane. Whatever the scenario, it's always an urban myth, told and retold in several different formats all with the same purpose of raising a reaction and spreading the twisted and tangled web of hatred and fear.

    If we all did, what many told the aliens to do, and went home, or what they actually mean, which is to go back to our country of origin, the UK would be empty. We are all descended from immigrants and colonies which invaded and changed the way of life in the UK. From Romans to Vikings to Saxons, they all left their mark on our proud nation.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t defend our rights to free thought, speech and life. What I am saying is that this world would be a much better place if people had more tolerance or at least a part of their brain which told them not to believe everything they read at face value, to ask for proof and seek truths.

    No matter your colour, race or beliefs don’t fear change or differences, embrace them. Learn from them and stop being a vehicle for the narrow minded cycle of hate. How can you truly understand a person’s point of view if you don’t take time to consider their argument? If, after some thought and after looking at the whole picture you don’t agree, that’s OK too. The world would be very boring if we all agreed.

    If you take nothing more away from this blog, please remember this…Next time you read a post in your social media stream, really read it before sharing. See it for what it is, not what it portrays to be. Step outside your bubble, learn about different cultures before condemning them and learn to be tolerant of others even when you don’t share their views.



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