• Random Acts of Self Image

    I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror the other morning. It was the morning after a particularly good night, so good in fact I had forgotten to take off my makeup. In that fleeting glance in the mirror I almost mistook myself for the long lost member of KISS!

    Once I recovered from the shock, I got to thinking … Do others see the same thing when they look at me that I see when I look in the mirror? Or do they see someone completely different?

    We all have parts of our reflection that our eye is drawn towards, for me it’s my nose – a family trait passed down from my Granddad and the trail of moles down my face or the redness of my skin. However, we all examine our features in a close up, individual way. So perhaps, for our sanity we should take a step back, away from the extreme close up and try take a complete look at ourselves – the way others see us and instead of seeing our faults we will see the whole picture and we may even start to notice the parts we love instead of only those parts we hate.

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