• Random Acts of Travelling

    After months of cold, dark mornings and wet, dark nights, thoughts are now turning to sun, beaches and warmth. It’s time to book your summer holiday!

    Wherever you decide to go, no doubt it will begin with a flight - the most stressful way to start your holiday! After arriving at the airport in good time you stand in the various queues getting annoyed at those that push in ahead of you. However, being British this is perhaps more of a pastime activity than a chore.

    Once you have been herded, through the various airport departments you are finally at the departure gate and boarding your plane. Throughout this process you may start to feel like a sheep, but you must resist the urge to “baa”. I have found that the airport staff do not appreciate you making farm yard animal sounds at them (unless you are 5 years old) and you may find yourself whisked off for a full body search!

    When you finally get settled into your seat for your flight, you may think you can breathe a sigh of relief… but don’t. This is a dangerous time, for the person that takes the empty seat next to you will determine how painful this flight will be. The mother and screaming child will not make your flight easy but the sexy businessman might!

    I hardly ever get the sexy businessman! I have been on numerous flights where I have acted as babysitter/ child entertainer, confidant to the elderly - who insist on telling you their whole life story and Mr. Smelly who forced me to practically sit in the aisle to get away from his stench.

    Why do we put ourselves through this? Ah yes, the sun, relaxation and enjoyment that only a summer holiday can bring. There is nothing like it to recharge your batteries and make you feel at peace once more.

    Where’s my credit card? I need to book my flight!



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