• Random Acts of Dating...

    It’s that dreaded question, feared by all singletons, “So do you have a partner?” When you reply “No.” they look at you with pity. They may as well just come out and ask you straight – “What’s wrong with you?”

    It’s not like you haven’t tried to find the perfect partner but the Random Acts of Dating you have endured have so far, have not provided any fruits for your hours of labour.

    It isn’t that there is a shortage of ways to meet your future Mr or Mrs. It’s just that you seem to only attract the crazy, strange and downright scary individuals out there.

    From my own experience, there has been Mr A. Who managed to crash his car, fall over a bar stool and burn his hand on his cigarette - all in one date. Mr B. who didn’t know what a poppadum was or how to make a decision and Mr C. who refused to wear deodorant as he preferred his ‘natural smell’. There was also Mr D. who fell off a wall and banged his head (explained a lot) and Mr E. who insulted me twice in space of 15 minutes and then wanted to analyse the date once it was finally over!

    Is it any wonder I’m still single?

    Perhaps it’s better to just remain single, after all it has many perks too – not having to share your duvet, not being kept awake by your partners snoring, you can make last minute plans without having to think about another person and best of all, full control of the remote!

    But being the hopeless romantic I am, I know it’s only a matter of time before I dip my toe back in to the dating pool and once again try another Random Act of Dating! Hopefully this time it will be my last.




  • Random Acts of Dieting...

    We’ve all tried them; they rear their ugly heads in the New Year, just before your summer holidays and in the run up to the ‘wedding of the year’. They scratch away at our willpower and determination, challenge the perfectly toned athlete that is hiding underneath our winter padding, and they usually last for about 2 weeks (well mine do any way!) - It’s the return of the random acts of dieting.

    These ‘get thin quick’ diets are currently in full swing, you can’t turn on the TV without seeing a programme about people fighting the fat or the latest diet trend. From juice to starvation, there seems to be a never ending stream of fads and miracle cures for our over indulgent curves.

    Then there’s the exercise DVDs, designed to get us up and moving from the comfort of your own home. But I wonder how many of us are guilty of watching them from the comfort of our sofa (usually whilst stuffing handfuls of chocolates into our mouths). Or trying them once and then consigning them to a life on the shelf gathering dust.

    I was recently given such a DVD, presented by a celebrity not too dissimilar to myself (so I’m told). I’ll leave you to guess which one, but this will probably become clear! Along with my latest ‘eat less, move more’ drive, I thought I’d give the DVD a go.

    However, perhaps deciding to recreate the jumping, maraca shaking, get fit moves in the living room with two dogs under foot, was not the best decision I have ever made.

    Cue dogs jumping up and chasing me around the living room, whilst I madly try and keep up with the instructor on the DVD. Followed by a Labrador stuffing a cuddly toy into the side of my head, while I lay on the floor attempting core strength exercises!

    Needless to say, to avoid inevitable injury, I gave up and resorted to watching the DVD from the sofa, thinking this isn’t so hard.

    I think I’ll just go back to moving more during the day and eating a little less, especially when my clothes get tight. It may be slower and steadier than the fad diets but better for changing habits and keeping trim in the long run.



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