Children's Short Stories

Below are a few short children's stories, I hope you enjoy them!


It was Christmas Eve and Bobby Robin was in a panic. He simply had to find a present for Missy Mouse. He hunted high and low but he couldn’t find the perfect gift.

He looked in the tree for a pretty leaf, but all the leaves had fallen from the branches. He looked in the bird house for a tasty treat, but these had all been eaten. What would he do?

As night fell, he knocked on Missy Mouse’s door, hanging his head, for he had nothing to give her for Christmas.

The door opened and Missy Mouse welcomed Bobby Robin with a big smile and hug, but she noticed Bobby looked sad. ‘What is the matter Bobby Robin? It’s Christmas tomorrow, a time for joy!’ She said.

‘I’m sorry Missy, I wanted to give you the nicest gift I could find, but I left it too late and I couldn’t find anything that would repay you for your kindness tonight.’ Bobby explained sadly.

‘I disagree.’ Missy Mouse said. ‘You have given me the best gift of all, your friendship and company. If you weren’t here, I’d be alone this Christmas Eve. Not all presents come in boxes; love and friendship are the best gifts you can receive. Now come inside and enjoy some hot chocolate and mince pies. For it will soon be time for Santa to visit.’

Bobby Robin smiled, he needn’t of worried, Missy Mouse was right. Her friendship was the greatest gift he would receive this Christmas.


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