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Below are some of my recent attempts.  I would love to hear your thoughts...

I'm Not Perfect

I’m not perfect

I don’t always make the right choices

My body is not perfect

But I am happy in my own skin


I’m not perfect

I don’t turn heads in the street

My attitude is not always perfect

But I work hard and try


I am not perfect

I sometimes make mistakes

My life is not perfect

But I am grateful for all that it is

My Sweet Gemini

I can see you now

Playing in the sun

Sisters for life

A life not yet begun


Will I meet you?

I still don’t know

I hold you in my heart

And hope it is so


For now my precious

Sleep well in peace

Until the day

We can finally meet

My Path

As I pause along my path

I wonder what has been and passed

If I could return to see

Would I change the what if’s and maybe’s?


Perhaps in a quick and unthinking flight

I may be tempted to change my sight

But what of now, if I did just that

A different person would be on this path


So I look back, not to change

Not to panic, or even wain

But to remember what came before

To help me move on this path once more.

Arrogance met Ignorance

Arrogance and ignorance met one day

They hit it off straight away

Joined together by narrow ways

The best of friends they became.


But this is a warning, to all who read

For those who follow, where these two lead

To think you’re greater than all the others

And too narrow minded to think or bother

All alone you will be

Only negativity, you will see.


For these two partners are born in dark

No light will shine within their hearts

We are born, all the same

A blank canvas to paint in our own way

Bright colours and contrast will enrich our souls

But paint in dark, and let them grow

Will be the downfall of us all

Justice & Happiness

In life, people come and go

Some will stay, some won’t

Some leave a positive mark

That lifts a smile, when you think of them


Others leave a different mark

The purpose of their actions unclear

Leaving a shadow on your time together

That brings sadness to thoughts of them


More will come, more will go

So don’t let the negative darken your soul

Treat others how you'd like to be treated

Remain true to your heart, faith & goals

Don’t leave your negative print behind

Always depart with a fond goodbye


For this is the way to happiness

Forget the bad and remember the good

Those who wrong you will suffer their fate

As you move off with a smile on your face


I seek you out in the dark light

Lost to me without foresight

For I’m alone in this world

As others grow, I still yearn


The trick of a dream tortures me

A glimpse of what will never be

Yet still I rise to each new day

Alone and empty in every way


Hope has left this heart of mine

Replaced instead by twisted vine

Wrapping around my heartless core

Squeezing life, breath and soul


Yet in the darkest corner, a light

Almost extinguished and out of sight

Fighting back against the dark

All it needs is a small spark…