The Adventures of Shakespeare the Great Dane

Shakespeare sat by the window and sighed he wanted to play, it was sunny outside. He looked to Mum who scratched his head, “Come on Shakespeare, I know what we will do instead.” She called to Peter and to Kate, “Let’s take Shakespeare to the park today.”


Shakespeare was delighted to go out and play, he jumped and he twirled, oh what a display. Out of the house and down the road, he pulled on his lead “Which way do we go?” The children skipped and laughed as they went; a good time in the park was going to be spent.


On to the park and off with his lead, Shakespeare ran with a wriggle and spree. Around and around the parks tall trees and off across the luscious green. But wait, who is that? He had to explore, perhaps it was a new friend or possibly a foe.  He ran over to say hello, lowering himself onto the floor.


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Shakespeare goes to the park...

The little dog looked at him curiously, “My name’s Bella and you’re the biggest dog I’ve ever seen!” Shakespeare jumped up and had to agree, Bella was only as tall as his knee! “I’m Shakespeare, do you want to play with me?” he said rather giddily. “Yes I do, just watch me go! I’m the fastest dog in this park. Don’t you know?” and off she ran across the grass, Shakespeare watched, she was very fast.  But he could catch her, he knew he would, so off he set as fast as he could. So fast his feet just couldn’t keep up and over he tumbled into the mud.  


Mud was splattered over his head making his coat brown instead. Bella laughed at the sight of him, “Shakespeare you did quite a spin! But you will have to do better than that to win!”


Shakespeare jumped up he wasn’t beaten yet “I’ll beat you this time, I’m willing to bet.” He said. “I’m sorry Shakespeare, I’ll have to go but I’ll see you next time.” Bella said and away she fled.


Kate ran over and gave him a hug, “Oh Shakespeare, you are such a klutz! Look at you, you’re covered in mud!” Mum came over and smiled at him, “Shakespeare you’re covered in slime. When we get home, I think its bath time.” Shakespeare cocked his head to the side, what was this thing called bath time?


Walking back from the park, up the road and home again. Shakespeare would soon know what bath time meant!

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