The Adventures of Shakespeare the Great Dane

Shakespeare sat in the garden so happy, he was dirty but the mud didn’t matter. “Come on Shakespeare it’s time for a bath.” Mum said, “You can’t come in looking like that!”


She led him to the back of the house, where Peter and Kate were crouching down.  Beside them was a metal tub, filled with bubbles and a yellow duck. Peter sat with rubber gloves and Kate had a loofa scrub.  “In you get!” Mum said to him, “And then the cleaning can begin.”


Shakespeare wasn’t sure about this tub; he definitely knew something not fun was afoot. So off he fled around the garden, trying to get as far as he could.  The children laughed and tried to chase, but they were too slow and were out paced. But wait, this was fun Shakespeare thought, as he ran around with kids in tow.


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Shakespeare has a bath...

Mum stood strong in front of him, as Shakespeare continued sprinting. Into her he powered through knocking Mum in to a puddle too.  Now Mum was dirty as well as him and the children laughed as they kept chasing.


Cornered and no place to escape, his options now limited, so into the tub he was placed by Mum and then the scrubbing had begun.  Shakespeare didn’t like this much, it was much more fun to run in mud. So out he scrambled and off he ran, this was the kind of fun he’d planned.


Bubbles flowing behind him, Shakespeare flew through the garden again followed by Peter and by Kate. “Shakespeare, come back!” They called to him, but he was not listening.  Clever Mum knew what to do and called to dad to join in too.


Now outnumbered, four to one, Shakespeare had nowhere to run. So into the tub he was put once more and scrubbed and cleaned from head to toe.


Scrubbing finished and gleaming clean, Shakespeare was allowed to break free.  Out he jumped and dripping wet, the best thing to do would be to shake off the excess.  It started at his head and down to his tail, far and wide the water sailed. The family jumped back but it was too late, the water flew over Peter and Kate. “Oh Shakespeare, look what you’ve done!” Said Peter disappointedly, “Now we’ll all have to be scrubbed clean!”


Shakespeare ran to the family, who rubbed him with towels ferociously.   Dry and clean and into the house he was let back in, his bath time trauma now complete. But it wasn’t over for Mum, Kate and Peter of course for now they had their own bath to endure.

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