The Adventures of Shakespeare the Great Dane

Something was happening, but what could it be? Shakespeare circled the family with intrigue. There were bags being packed with food and with drink and also a blanket with a chequered print.  He sniffed at the bags and rummaged inside, but still didn’t know what was happening and why.


Into the car the bags were put, there was definitely something new afoot.  “Come on Shakespeare!” Kate called to him “Jump in the car so our journey can begin.”  Shakespeare was excited to see something new, so followed the family and into the car flew.


They travelled along though old towns and new and stopped by a hill with a fantastic view.  Out of the car and on with their boots, Shakespeare was excited and the children were too.  Off up the hill the family went, Shakespeare exploring every new scent.  Until they reached the very top and Dad said “This is the perfect picnic spot!”


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Shakespeare's first picnic and autumn day...

shakespeare pic

The family spread the blanket out wide, and out came the sandwiches, nibbles and pies. They sat all down so eager to start, but Shakespeare was far too busy to take part. He’d found something new that buzzed through the sky. It zigged and it zagged as it passed by. He tried to catch it but was too slow he could only manage a glancing blow.


Across the field the insect flew, followed by Shakespeare, he would catch it he knew. Round and around and into a spin he was sure this was a game he was going to win. “Shakespeare, LOOK OUT!” Peter called, but it was too late and in Shakespeare poured. In all directions the picnic did fly, there were sandwiches and quiches across the sky.  In the middle of the blanket, Shakespeare sat, all covered in food splattered on his back.


The children laughed at such a sight, for they too were covered with pastry and pies. Dad looked around at the picnic in tatters “Oh Shakespeare, at least you didn’t ruin the one thing that matters!” He reached into the bag and pulled out a treat, a Chocolate cake for them all to eat!


Down the hill the family came, into the car and home once again. This was a day they would remember, a perfect day in sunny September. After a day filled with delight, Shakespeare lay down and closed his eyes. The day was fun, but he was now tired, he needed to sleep for a good few hours. “Goodnight!” Kate said and Peter did too, “Sweet dreams to you, our clumsy fool!”