The Adventures of Shakespeare the Great Dane

Shakespeare woke up to a howl and a rustle, he ran to the window to see the kafuffle.  Leaves spun and twirled, branches swayed and bowed as the wind roared and roared, blowing them around. The weather had changed since their picnic day and winter was definitely on its way.


Kate came over and ruffled his ears, “Do you want to go have fun in the woods?" She asked him, “Come on let’s find Peter, Dad and Mum!”


Around the house they both ran finding the family one by one. Into the kitchen, they found Mum. “Come on Mum let’s go and play, Shakespeare wants to go to the woods today!” Into the bathroom to locate Peter, “Shakespeare is waiting to go out and play!” she said to him, “Don’t delay!”


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Shakespeare's and the autumn day...

shakespeare pic

Into the lounge, to find Dad who was reading the paper and looked very mad!” “What’s all this noise?” he asked annoyed, “Come on Dad, it time to go!” Kate called to him “It’s a perfect day to go to the woods don’t you know.” Dad looked at her and shook his head, “It’s too windy for the woods today” He said. “Oh no it’s not!” Said Kate defiantly, with hand on her hips and pouting her lips, “You’re just a scaredy cat says me!”  She taunted Dad who laughed out loud and rose to his feet, “OK let’s go, Miss Bravery”.


On with coats, boots and scarfs the family now ready to head outside. Through the fields they started to walk, Shakespeare taking the lead of course. He led the way right up the hill and into the woods to play and run. The wind blew the leaves around his feet and on through the swaying trees, they whipped around in a hypnotic dance prompting Shakespeare to chase them down.


Off he ran further and further, “Wait Shakespeare!” Peter called but the noisy wind whistled in his ears, so Shakespeare just couldn’t hear. Soon out of sight Shakespeare vanished, leaving the family very panicked. But Shakespeare didn’t realise, he was having fun, why didn’t everyone run?


He paused a moment to catch his breath, this running around was truly exhausting, perhaps a little break would be rewarding.  He looked around to find mum and dad but they weren’t there, this made him sad. Where could they be? He wondered and worried, and where was Kate and Peter too he hoped he would find them all soon.


He sniffed the air and caught a scent, wait a moment that was them! He followed the trail back through the trees until he saw them searching for him! “Look it’s Shakespeare!” Kate called to Dad who shouted for him to come back.  Shakespeare ran with a wriggle and spree, this really was an enormous relief. Back with his family safe and sound Shakespeare was so pleased to be found.


“You gave us a fright” Said Peter to him, as he hugged him tight.  “Let’s go home” Dad did say, “I think we’ve had enough of the wind today!” So homeward bound they all returned and on to his bed Shakespeare went, content and happy to be home again.