The Adventures of Shakespeare the Great Dane

Shakespeare watched curiously, there was white fluff drifting from the sky so gracefully. It tickled his nose and covered the floor, oh what was this wondrous thing called snow.


It was soft and fluffy and cold under paw so he danced and he pranced around the lawn. Dad came out to see him run, it he looked like he was having so much fun.  Dad bent down and scooped up some snow, he rolled it in his hands, into a ball. “Hey Shakespeare look at this!” He called as he threw the snow, Shakespeare jumped to catch the white ball.  Success he thought as the ball was caught, but seconds later it was gone, where did it go?


He looked all around but it was nowhere to be seen, this was very confusing indeed.  “Here you go!” Dad called again as he tossed another ball to his friend. Again Shakespeare caught it with much delight, but again it was gone, clean out of sight.  This white stuff was a puzzling thing, he thought it was here and then gone, nowhere to be seen.


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Shakespeare’s snow friend...

shakespeare pic

“Let’s build a snowman!” said Peter with glee, “Oh yes, that’s a great idea!” Kate agreed. They began with a snowball and rolled it around, with Shakespeare helping by sniffing the ground.  The ball soon grew enormously round, they huffed and they puffed oh what a sound.


Once in position they started a new, rolling around and around they flew.  Shakespeare cocked his head and watched, what was this gigantic snow splodge? He sniffed it and licked it to uncover the truth, but still he had not a clue. Dad stacked the balls on top of each other and with hands on his hips he started to mutter.  “He needs a hat and scarf too, Peter and Kate go and get them and bring Mum out with you.”


Dad stood back and scratched his head, looking at Shakespeare he turned and said, “He needs some eyes and a nose it seems but I do not have any of these.” He looked around the garden’s edge and produced some stones and an old peg.  “These will do!” To Shakespeare he said and positioned the tools on the snowman’s head.


Shakespeare watched from a distance, intrigued by the family’s persistence. Out of the house came the children and Mum, who had wrapped herself in a coat made of wool. Kate put on the scarf followed by Peter with the hat and when they had finished, they all stood back.  


Shakespeare could see now what they had done, it was a jolly new friend to join in the fun! He wanted to play with the new guest so lowered his front, the way he knew best.  With one single bound he launched at the man, sending him flying back down to the ground. Splattered in chunks all over the floor Shakespeare was very confused once more. Where did he go, why didn’t he stay he would have had hours of fun if he’d played. “Oh Shakespeare, look what you’ve done! Now we’ll have to build another one!” Said Mum. But the children didn’t mind to them it was fun and the building of another snowman had begun.