Short Stories

Below are a few short stories, I hope you enjoy them!

Rosie's Justice

Rosie pulled her coat tightly around her as the wind from the tube train tried to rip it from her. She looked nervously up and down the dimly lit platform. It was deserted now as the last train of the night disappeared into the dark tunnel. She slowly began to make her way up the escalators and through the endless corridors of the underground to emerge outside in the bitter cold of a December evening. She was alone, for possibly the first time in her life it was an unsettling feeling; she had a brief moment of doubt before shaking the thought from her mind and raising her hand to stop a passing taxi. Reaching her new apartment, she collapsed on the bed, too exhausted to contemplate the reasons for running; she would face those demons tomorrow. For now sleep was what she needed.

A new day saw Rosie heading straight for her solicitor’s office, the sooner this was sorted the better, he would not get away from what he had done, her own brother too. It was hard enough losing her parents in such a tragic way, but accepting her brother had been the orchestrator was almost too much to bear. He had always resented her and their father; he was his mother’s boy; twisted and evil. Her father was such a gentle soul, how he ever married such a vile woman she never knew. When Ben came along, she dug her claws in further. She was only after what little money her father had, which was not a lot, just what the business brought in, and he was getting to weak to manage that. He tried to get help, but she chased anyone off who answered his calls, too afraid they would get a part of what she thought was hers. Rosie longed for the days when her mother was alive, but cancer brought an end to her happy childhood. Now her father was gone too. Ben’s mother moulded him in her own image, he grew up greedy and twisted too, but this had been both of their downfalls and she had the proof. He wouldn’t get away with it; she would not stop until he faced justice for killing her beloved father.

More to follow...

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